How to start Learning Hacking - Technical Dipesh

How to start Learning Hacking - Technical Dipesh


How to start Learning Hacking

Have you ever wanted to learn how to hack? It’s a lot easier than you think. When you know the basics, it’s easy to start learning on your own. You can look up more complex topics online or ask questions on forums like Reddit. This is why hacking is a great hobby for software developers who are growing their skill set, especially when combined with learning how to code! In this article, we’ll share some tips for getting started with hacking and some great resources to help you learn along the way.

1. 2 ways to learn to hack

There are two ways you can learn hacking. One is to take a course and the other is to teach yourself. You can take a course online or in-person and you can self-teach yourself by going through the books and other learning materials you can find online.
Before you can hack your phone, you have to fire up the command line. For macOS and Linux, this is actually as easy as pressing Return or Cmd+R. For Android, you’ll have to use a terminal emulator, like JEDI. On Windows 10, you can just press the Windows Key + R (control+R on a PC) to bring up an R command in the prompt window that appears. You can type in the commands without quotes, but be careful not to mix up the quotation marks with curly quotes. If you see the line “{” before the command being run, you’ll need to add a space to the end.
You can consult a tutorial for your operating system of choice. For macOS, there’s the complete HOWTO at Hack-MacBook-Hack. This tutorial is a bit dry, so I’ve created an alternate HOWTO if that’s more your speed.
The entire internet is full of tutorials on hacking your favorite platform or operating system. For Android, there’s the official Android 10 Hacking Guide. This tutorial walks you through the basics of hacking your phone. While the rest of the article will give you a crash course in hacking Android, it will also go over advanced stuff like custom ROMs, rooting, debugging, and more!
SD Card Hooking is a cool and fun skill to have. The ability to plug devices into a computer to overcome the limitations of plugged devices is pretty cool. With a connected microSD card, you can connect a device like a smartwatch to your computer and read files off the watch or your Android phone.
You can find tutorials for SD Card Hacking all over the internet.

2. What you should know about the security industry and how it works

Cybersecurity is an important issue for everyone these days, and there are many different ways to get involved in the field. From becoming a cybersecurity professional to launching a cybersecurity blog, there are many different roles you can play in the field. In this post, I’m going to tell you about the cybersecurity industry and how it works.
First of all, let’s talk about what exactly cybersecurity is. It’s a field of information security focused on information that is held and managed by networks, systems, or devices. There are different types of cybersecurity, physical security is concerned with locks and doors, while network security and software security are concerned with things like passwords, file storage, and security updates. It doesn’t matter if your data, code, or devices are at risk, if you don’t know how to secure them, then it’s going to be possible for someone to get access to them, whether that’s through physical access, network access, or software access.
We’ll be covering some basic steps you can take before starting to learn about the different elements of cybersecurity. Not all steps may or may not be crucial to your career, depending on your particular role, but I’m still listing them so you have a basic overview. Fundamentally, you need to know how to access and interact with the various systems within your home or work environment. Hopefully, this will be enough to get you started.
Getting started with home and networking security can be a little more complicated than getting started with hacking generally. Every device has a unique ID, like the serial number printed on the side of the device, while your network can have a hostname. At the moment, this isn’t very practical as most devices aren’t connected to the internet (or at least, Wi-Fi), but there are a few solutions to get around this for the future.
A unique device ID is easy to get with your phones, such as by connecting to a PC or MAC address scanner. This identifies a number that can become used to identify devices/IPs.

3. How to break into the security industry as a beginner

The security industry has a lot of opportunities for beginners. You can start your career as a security guard or a security officer, and from there you can move up to become a security supervisor or a security manager. To break into the industry as a beginner, it’s important to get a job as a security guard or security officer. Even if you don’t end up working in the industry on the tactical level, it will give you experience working security in a confined space like a train station, mall, or office building. This will help your future job prospects and have more power behind your security guard badge. Furthermore, some security jobs reserve positions for first-time job seekers. Some companies will even accept a similar background in some aspects for a small commission fee.
To enter into the industry without any prior security experience, learn something on how to become a penetration tester (or another similar security role). It doesn’t matter what kind of security knowledge you learn, as long as it’s applicable to your career goals. This kind of knowledge can come from studying, watching, taking notes from, or most importantly, actually testing various applications. If you don’t have a willingness to tinker, look up information on how to build a pentesting platform. Once you understand the basic concepts of pentesting, you can start looking for online security companies (or other security positions) to apply.
Not only that but there are also many opportunities for developers. Most applications have a classic web or mobile frontend. As a developer, you technically create the front-end using either HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. These three languages can be hard to pick up on your own. Seeing only the front-end can be very limiting. To learn how to create a more complete front-end with different frameworks and programming languages, many self-paced courses can help you get started with this. Additionally, you can also look for more advanced skills such as front-end programming using Angular, Knockout, React, Jade, and others.

4. Steps to help you become a better hacker

Becoming a better hacker means learning new things and continually challenging yourself. To become a better hacker, you should: 1) Learn by doing. 2) Don't try to learn everything. 3) Don't be afraid to fail. 4) Practice. 5) Try and learn from others.
It’s not easy to learn a new skill like hacking. There are many concepts and terms that you don’t know, and it can be overwhelming trying to understand everything at once. It helps to learn by doing, obviously! By doing, you’ll get a feel for the concept before diving into it completely.
Hacking is used in many different industries. When learning about hacking that you can apply to any industry, the topics are constantly changing. Topics are usually voted by the community, which is a great way to keep updated without having to continually go through the same information.
Each topic describes a particular aspect of hacking, and the goal is to master a topic rather than figure out every part of it. By reading and understanding the information presented at Hacker Noon, you will at least gain a basic understanding of these topics.
Learning by doing has helped me in many situations, including in my career. Hacking is a hobby that is very rewarding when you see your knowledge and application grow.
Everybody has a different opinion on hacking. As a result, different people will find different things to hack. This means you’ll find that things that most people think are hacks are actually simple. It’s important to have a growth mindset. You should push yourself.
Learning by doing goes hand-in-hand with using the right resources. By looking up what you need, you’ll know exactly where to find it. After all, you don’t want to waste time looking for a skill or something that doesn’t exist. This is why we recommend articles from experts instead of trying to look for things ourselves.
We love reading about more advanced topics on Hackernoon.

My name is Dipesh and I am a self-taught white hat hacker and a commerce graduate from Nepal, Currently working for some well-known Youtube.


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